VIDEO: Goodnight Collegi – HATARI | Download

VIDEO: Goodnight Collegi – HATARI | Download 
Hatari was among the demo songs that I played to Banx when he just joined Jikoni Studios. . He liked it right away and suggested we modify the song and release. We did not have the original beat since it got deleted when the computer crashed. So he went ahead and produced the beat. I got in touch with people who were in the original song to come and re-record, none of them replied. So I went ahead and re-wrote the whole song and then invited Tanah Tanchy [@tanah_blacksugar] to add the razzmattaz. Camjo was with me all this time but his original recording [the 2015 one] was so perfect that he did not need to re-record. And finally here we are.

The song itself was originally written for my then girlfriend but then I re-wrote it for my wife. I wanted to show her that she is everything to me. She is priceless and I can go to the end of the world just to make her happy because I totally love her and, deservedly, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met. 
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