NEW VIDEO | Iddi Singer x Raw G – MISSING YOU (Official Music Video)

NEW VIDEO | Iddi Singer x Raw G – MISSING YOU (Official Music Video) 
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,
We hereby announce the release of a new single entitled Missing You by Iddi Singer, Produced by Teknixx.

Iddi Singer is a singer/ songwriter from Mombasa, Kenya. He is commonly known for his smooth, soothing coastal melodies, and tantalising sweet vocals. He has worked with several great producers across the country in different projects. In this project Iddi Singer teamed up with RAW G, a singer/ Songwriter from the Coast, commonly known for his hit ‘HAKUNA MATATA’ that ventured into various entertainment industries across East Africa. Teknixx, the best producer down at the coast commonly known for his magical touch and sound in production. He’s known for his great production skills and also managed to work with various mainstream artists like Dela, NaiBoi, Lulu Diva (TZ) and many other.

The two are currently working on several projects to be released later this year.
Please find the attatched files in this mail.

Your support is highly appreciated.
Thank you. Kinda Regards
Iddi Singer.
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