New Gospel VIDEO: Ambassadors of Christ – Birashoboka

New VIDEO: Ambassadors of Christ – Birashoboka 
See the storms, the angry waves, the thunderbolts... An image of strife, blackness and death 24 years ago, a tragedy befell our land (Rwanda) A gluesome Genocide against the Tutsi people A horrific story it was- In times like these, everyone needs HOPE Christian and non Christian alike- The Ambassadors of Christ are sharing this Hope In their song BIRASHOBOKA- 

We Remember, but the history should not define us It should act as a lesson book To help us prepare for a better tomorrow And indeed it has. Coming together, hearts and hands United in Christ With all our strengths and wisdom plus FAITH in GOD, we were enabled to get out of the hellish pit And now, we are established on solid ground we will overcome And indeed, we have! As a people, We will move forward, We will not be discouraged We have seen what God can do for a people Our eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord And Yea, It’s Possible, YES WE CAN 
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